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About shae

Shae is a founder, thought leader, creative consultant, author, speaker and corporate trainer who can help you to become a thought leader in your field. She works with corporate clients, creatives, organisations, visionaries and patients to enhance knowledge and understanding on a range of themes.


She has an impressive resume and experience of engaging with and speaking to audiences across the globe. 

She is kept busy in her work as a creative, running several businesses related to her creative interests. She is passionate about and committed to training, mentoring and inspiring people. Her expertise includes working with corporate clients, creatives, young people, patients and anyone with a story.

Shae's Roles & Projects 

  • Corporate Trainer (GYG Gold)

  • Story-curator/protector (A True Story)

  • International inspirational speaker

  • Involved with co-production and service redesign (NHS cancer services/patient, public & community engagement)

  • Author (Sunny Days/Three Months to Live) 

  • Person with lived experience (rare cancer)

  • Publisher (I Shouldn’t Be Here)

  • Radio show host (The Late Sessions)

  • Podcast host (Honest Participants Only)

  • Owner of inspirational apparel line (A True Story Apparel)

  • Mentor (The Dream Days Experience)

  • Curate Your Genius Project Founder

Shae's Books 

  • Three Months to Live (on Apple Books, Kindle and Amazon)

  • Sunny Days (on Apple Books, Kindle and Amazon)

  • I Shouldn’t Be Here (FREE on Apple Books, Kindle and Amazon)


She wrote Sunny Days to help support people through their darkest times and to empower. The hope is that over time, the message that ‘every story matters’ will be the widely-respected rule.

Shae consults on various boards and committees aimed at ensuring the voice of the patient is heard. She also delivers training to NHS staff to enhance their understanding of the principles of engaging underrepresented communities.  


'Shae is someone that positively enriches your life. She ispassionate, enthusiastic and an ultimate professional. I have hadthe pleasure of going on her diversity course and her energy andknowledge is first class. When Shae speaks you just cannot help wanting to listen.' Lindsey Cook

'From the author who wrote one of my personally inspirational books 'Sunny Days', who would have thought I would have the opportunity to work with her on some challenging topics that society loves to avoid in her role of Corporate Trainer.


In the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I was afforded the opportunity to be part of a discussion on her 'Honest Participants Only' podcast. This was a complex topic as it explored various aspects of life people choose not to discuss, be it Male or Female regardless of race.


Given recent events surrounding 'Race' issues in England following England's defeat to Italy, I feel opening up discussions to address perception and changing mindsets, be it in a work place, school or social, there is nobody I would recommend more than Shae. Why not get her to host your pressing topic in creative capacity.' Enoch Chinembiri

'Shae's empathy and storytelling skills are truly inspiring. Whilst working in Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at Versiti, she's shown time and time again how having a heart for humans is what makes a difference in the world. Her abundant life experiences allow her to truly understand people from minority communities. With her diverse skillset, she's able to turn this understanding into action, whether that's through clever copywriting, thoughtful social media management or empathy-led qualitative research. All in all, I believe Shae would be valuable in any organisation.' Cynthia Cinzte Ko

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