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About Shae.

Shae Eccleston is the award-winning founder and Creative Director of CYG Gold Academy & Consultancy - corporate trainers & thought leaders committed to helping clients to create a culture that inspires inclusion and innovation. 

A motivational speaker, consultant and thought leader, Shae promotes the value of identity and belonging through education, inspiration, empowerment and excellence. She brings unique perspectives, gained from her professional and lived experiences, into her interactions with clients and individuals. 

Shae inspires you to engage with your employees in an authentic, empathetic way, empowering them to bring their whole selves into the workplace, should they choose to. A storyteller and author, she shares incredible key insights that leave people thinking in new and creative ways.  She uses her understanding of human system dynamics and conscious choice to encourage audiences to choose how to get the most out of every engagement.  

In 2019, Shae became the first patient advocate to ever speak on the main stage at the EphMRA Conference in Poland. She was a keynote speaker at the NHS Engage Conference in 2020 and has most recently given talks at the Francis Crick Institute in St Pancras, as well honouring a vast range of additional speaking appointments. 


Shae has worked with a wide variety of organisations, from having been part of award-winning teams (Market Research Society, 2021) for her presentation and research work encompassing themes of equity, diversity and inclusion to sitting on a range of boards within the NHS. She is well connected to senior level professionals at various organisations from Hogarth Worldwide to Mind.


An MBA graduate, she joined the University of Hertfordshire Alumni during the pandemic. In 2021, Shae designed and organised a research project focused on understanding how people feel about their ability to create and be creative - including an additional element surrounding the understanding of how innovation impacts everyday life. Shae has built and produced many projects from the ground up, using her experience to mentor others and also helping to leapfrog their visions to success.


Shae’s presentations are always engaging with reflective elements that draw on her connections and conversations with visionaries and innovators. She has first-hand experience of all themes she specialises in and encourages audiences to consider fresh perspectives that can enlighten future practice.


Being of Black British heritage, and being a woman with complex health issues, she understands just how difficult it can feel to belong.  Shae speaks about how best to support progress daily. Her skill for communicating with people at all levels makes her a valuable speaker for any project.


Shae, through CYG Gold (Academy & Consultancy), is dedicated to evolving the process of conscious competence (2023 Training Courses).

Specialist subjects

Main Areas

  • Disrupting Bias

  • Identity x Success x Belonging (All of You)

  • Storytelling x Story-Protecting

  • Diverse Perspectives (EDI x Mindset)

  • Thought Leadership & Mindset

  • Chronic Illness, Your Career and You

  • How & Why to Share Your Story

  • Finding and Maintaining Your Personal Sun (Overcoming - Mindset x Mental Health)

Additional Themes

  • Patient Advocacy 

  • Empowerment for Women

  • Fostering Creativity in Young People 

  • Human-driven Engagement

  • Leading with Confidence

  • Permission to Dream (Acknowledging Potential)

  • The 200 Year Plan (Legacy)

  • The Value of Creativity



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'Shae is someone that positively enriches your life. She ispassionate, enthusiastic and an ultimate professional. I have hadthe pleasure of going on her diversity course and her energy andknowledge is first class. When Shae speaks you just cannot help wanting to listen.' Lindsey Cook

'From the author who wrote one of my personally inspirational books 'Sunny Days', who would have thought I would have the opportunity to work with her on some challenging topics that society loves to avoid in her role of Corporate Trainer.


In the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I was afforded the opportunity to be part of a discussion on her 'Honest Participants Only' podcast. This was a complex topic as it explored various aspects of life people choose not to discuss, be it Male or Female regardless of race.


Given recent events surrounding 'Race' issues in England following England's defeat to Italy, I feel opening up discussions to address perception and changing mindsets, be it in a work place, school or social, there is nobody I would recommend more than Shae. Why not get her to host your pressing topic in creative capacity.' Enoch Chinembiri

'Shae's empathy and storytelling skills are truly inspiring. Whilst working in Diversity, Inclusion and Equality at Versiti, she's shown time and time again how having a heart for humans is what makes a difference in the world. Her abundant life experiences allow her to truly understand people from minority communities. With her diverse skillset, she's able to turn this understanding into action, whether that's through clever copywriting, thoughtful social media management or empathy-led qualitative research. All in all, I believe Shae would be valuable in any organisation.' Cynthia Cinzte Ko

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