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CYG Gold's

Diverse Perspectives

(EDI x Mindset)

This course focuses on developing the skills necessary to critically evaluate existing networks, attitudes and internal processes, ensuring inclusion and equity become second nature and that access to inclusive spaces becomes the norm. Learn more.

Human-driven Engagement

Attendees can expect to learn what the drivers of human-centred engagement are, why they are important and how to implement them. It also includes practical elements to help attendees become aware of the barriers to communication.

Learn more.

Fostering Creativity in Young People

Learners will understand their own creativity in order to relate to their young people. Those who attend this course can expect to learn practical ways to engage with their youth in a way that fosters and inspires creative thought leadership.

Learn more.

The 200 Year Plan (Legacy)

This course gives mindset and practical support allowing attendees to be their ancestors wildest dreams, by allowing them to understand the barriers and drivers to success and safeguarding their legacy.

Learn more.

Storytelling x Story Protecting

Trainees will hear stories of change that have been skilfully crafted and expertly communicated, determine how to develop, embed and utilise their storytelling capability and experiment with innovative narrative weaving techniques.

Learn more.

The Value of Creativity

This workshop will remove barriers to accessing creative processes and will kickstart stakeholders into ongoing personal dialogue surrounding how they view their genius.

Learn more.

Mindset x Mental Health (Sunny Days)

This course will enable those who enrol to give themselves permission to feel what they feel and to take steps at a pace that suits them. It offers practical and mindset sessions to enhance futures and to gives trainees the best chance of success in their personal and professional lives.

Learn more.

How & Why to

Share Your Story

Trainees can expect to hear examples of stories of change that have been skilfully crafted and expertly communicated, determine how to develop, embed and share their lived experiences and better understand the need to safeguard their stories so that their integrity is maintained.

Learn more.

Identity x Success

(All of You)

This course is delivered via interactive workshops. It uses Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, as well as a whole host of activities and techniques to help your management teams and employees understand their roles in modelling an inclusive work space. Learn more.

Leading with Confidence

Trainees will understand how to focus their brilliance in order to successfully lead, identify effective strategies and maintain team morale. The session also covers the importance of emotional intelligence, developing rapport and managing conflict.

Learn more.

Permission to Dream (Acknowledging Potential)

Attendees will understand how they feel about the opportunities they have access to, identify how they feel their skills can be developed, understand more about what makes them unique and valuable and will understand where they are in their journey.

Learn more.

Complete Training Programme 2022

For access to the complete training programme with detailed descriptions, modules and pricing, click here.


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