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Shae is a creative consultant, author and corporate trainer who can help you to become a thought leader in your field. She works with corporate clients, organisations, creatives, visionaries, researchers, health care professionals and patients to enhance knowledge and understanding on a range of themes.


She has an impressive resume and experience of engaging with, speaking to and empowering audiences across the globe. 


She is passionate about training, mentoring and inspiring people. Her skills include working with corporate clients, creatives, young people, patients and anyone with a story.


She has unique experience in EDI (equity, diversity & inclusion), patient engagement, cancer, invisible illness, identity, mindset, creative projects, mental health, women and youth empowerment, market research and story-telling, plus so much more.

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“Creative is often a word banded about casually in various professional and artistic circles. However I have never come across someone who embodies this word in the most holistic of ways.


To work with, be in partnership with or led by Shae is truly something to behold. Whatever room or circumstance she is in, she always adds value. I cannot endorse her highly enough and your project, no matter what it may be, will be enriched by her involvement.”

Dwayne phillips

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